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Hi, I'm Jennifer and...

...I'm a former screenwriter who quit the trade after being advised by professors and industry professionals that my stories had to be about white straight men, and my other characters could be "strong" but not strong enough to distract from the gloriousness of Mr. Whitey. Even if the sheer bigotry hadn't offended me, there was another factor: Mr. Whitey's stories have been done to death! I don't even enjoy watching movies that are all about men and all about white people. Other human beings are fascinating! Variety is the spice of life! 

Screenwriting doesn't actually pay all that well (it can, but not for the majority). I'd pursued it for that remarkable chance to earn my living at something I loved. Under the industry's restrictions, it wasn't fun. I opted to take earn my living in a less stressful field that didn't require me to compromise my values. And then I started blogging reviews of TV and films with regards to their treatment of women and gender at my website, The Hathor Legacy. The site quickly became a group blog, as it turned out many people shared my views passionately enough to write about them.

While we try to keep the site focused on gender in the arts, we do try to include other issues of exclusion (race, orientation, ability, etc.) since obviously those affect many women as well. We share a personal concern not just for bettering women's lot, but for nudging the world closer to truly equal opportunities and rewards for everyone. We try to keep the politics, feminism and academia on the site light, partly so it will be accessible to a wider audience, but also because we want to convey that these are everyday issues that concern everyday people watching their TVs and wondering why there aren't more women they can relate to.


** Please check out this link for more information on this community. **
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